Origin of Guhit 24K and a Christmas Lantern Drawing

 Drawing of my Son: Christmas Lantern

Origin Of Guhit24K
Last year I started sharing my drawings in my blog Inspiring Series and now through this blog I share some of my kid's works.The idea of  filling drawings with stars started when I caught chicken pox last March and didn't know what to do with my spare time.My son saw my work and adopted that style with his art works.
Now, I want to name this style Guhit 24k cause guhit is the Filipino word for draw and of course 24K came from my name.

Note: You can use my son's drawing in your web site with two important conditions: You'll include the source which is this site and don't tell others that you own it.


  1. tnx.4 d picture,,i copied one for my instructional material.


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